South Yorkshire band Kaydin are a 4 piece Rock band which refuse to be pigeon holed in today’s “X-factor” culture. Drawing on 10 years writing, recording and performing music, Kaydin create hard rock anthems that refuse to leave your head.

It is precisely this period of growth and experience that gives this the band its unique sound. Drawing on such diverse influences as Tool and Smashing Pumpkins through to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.

With the recent addition of a new front man the band have been gigging relentlessly over the past 6 months, honing their craft, exposing increasingly larger and more loyal audiences to their new material and generally electrifying venues with their tight sound and energetic performances.

Kaydins songwriting ethos is to create solid groove based songs with intelligent lyrics and a strong melodic hook. Never slaves to fashion and current trends, but embracing new ideas enough to avoid becoming stagnant. Kaydin simply strive to create great songs and entertain audiences.

With a new EP “Shapes but no Sounds” recorded and ready for distribution Kaydin are looking forward to getting straight back in the studio to record another batch of great songs and gigging hard to promote the new EP.


Will Padfield

Scott Trickett

Grant Furniss

Sean O'Connor