Hallam FMs First Breaking Band of the Year

03.01.2010 23:03

Last Night Kaydin were announced as Hallam FM's Breaking Band of the Week, the first of 2010, the interview and Shapes but no Sounds were played out at around 8:30 on the Sheffield Radio Station.Thank...

New Material New Album

31.12.2009 23:00

All has been quiet in the Kaydin camp for the last month.The band have been busy writing several new songs ready for recording the New album which will start in February.New gigs are scheduled to star...

Doncatser Battle of the Bands Round 1 Win

27.11.2009 22:51

Kaydin won the Round 1 heat in the Doncaster Leopard Battle of the Bands last night, much to the bands surprise. The crowd reaction element was removed at the last minute, in the interest of fairness....